System Gate 2024 World Tournament

Get ready, System Gate players, as our World Tournament sign-ups are now live! 🥳🏆 This exciting event will take place on April 27th at Space Boat Games in Mattoon, IL! Rules for the tournament, as well as additional information and sign-ups are in the link below!

Dev Log Event News

Future Flash Promo Pack

There was a cross over fighting game that I used to really enjoy in my youth. One thing that game did was that it added in characters from upcoming games for that platform. It was dumb, but in a cool way. I always wanted to do something like that, so I did.

Releasing with BT08 is the FUTURE FLASH PROMO PACK! This will be the promo pack sent out to participating store locations to use as prizes during this sets release window.

This pack will be featuring 6 all new cards that all feature characters form UPCOMING SPEEDROBO GAMES!!!

As always, please check to see upcoming events from our amazing store partners to learn when you can get your hands on this promo pack. Ask your local game store if they are participating and registered at!


System Gate Online League

Due to requests for more online tournaments, we will begin the System Gate online league this November! Please check out the event on the System Gate Play Network.

The start of the event will be on November 1st 2023 to coincide with the release of BT08: Decade Gold.

All cards available on the Play Network card database and deck builder will be legal for this event. Decks must be built in the Play Network and submitted with the entry to the event.

Please check the description of the event for more details.


September Events

Don’t forget to check out the event listings on the System Gate Play Network!

Event News

BT07 Release Information

System Gate BT07: Little Legends is releasing on August 30th!

Check the System Gate Play Network to see which stores near you are holding a pre-release event!


June Events and Tournaments

Please check out all of our events and get registered for them on the System Gate Play Network!

Event News

System Gate Play Network and other Tournament News

We have spent the past week getting ready for this big upgrade and announcement and it is IN BETA!!! Please check out our new website specifically built for tournaments and powered by Cardeio.

Link to System Gate Play Network:

Please follow the above link to register your player account in the system. On this site you will be able to see all upcoming events, edit your player profile, join teams, earn rewards, see your rank, find stores that carry the game, and track your tournament progress all in one place!

The first tournament using this System will be the WORLD TOURNAMENT this SATURDAY at SPACE BOAT GAMES!!!

Players will need to register in the System Gate Play Network in order to participate in the world tournament and earn points for the current tournament season, also starting tomorrow at the World Tournament. If you cannot register your account ahead of time, you can register at the event during the tournament registration process by talking to the tournament organizer, Rhydon Vassay.

In further tournament news for World Tournament 2023, Trial Deck 05 will BE ON SALE AT THE EVENT!!! This product will be in limited quantity and purchasable AT REGISTRATION. If you want your early release copy of the deck, please show up on time for registration in order to secure your copy. THE CARDS IN TD05 ARE NOT LEGAL FOR WORLD TOURNAMENT 2023. (“Blessings of the Outcast” is legal) The cards in TD05 will be tournament legal on official release day, June 5th 2023.

At registration, all players will receive FOR FREE 4 copies of Pumpkin Snail as well as a Promo Pack #1. PUMPKIN SNAIL AND ALL CARDS IN PROMO PACK #1 ARE LEGAL FOR PLAY IN WORLD TOURNAMENT 2023!!!

To wrap up, let’s talk about upcoming features to the System Gate Play Network.

Firstly, if you are a local game store or a local leader for your System Gate community, you will be able to get registered as a tournament organizer to set up events in the system. We are also planning to integrate this with a whole sale system to make sure that LGS locations and OTS locations can get System Gate product in bulk at wholesale prices.

Secondly, we will be adding a fully featured card database that will include all cards, searchable filters, and errata/Q&A for each card.

Finally, a deck building system will be added to the Play Network for players to add, track, and showcase their tournament winning decks!

We are all very excited for the recent developments that have happened in such a short time for System Gate and are excited to share even more with you. Thanks!


May Event Schedule


April Tournament Schedule


System Gate Worlds 2023

Hey there Gate Masters! We are going to talk about the prizes and tournament structure for this years world tournament!

Remember, this event will be held at Space Boat Games (1818 Broadway Ave, Mattoon IL) on May 6th. The start time is 2:00 PM.

Firstly, all participants will receive 4 copies of the new card “Pumpkin Snail”! This card WILL BE LEGAL for the world tournament! It will also be reprinted in BT07 just in case anyone misses out on coming to the tournament.

And here is the playmat design for the top 4 players in the tournament! You’ll get to take this home with you if you make the top 4!

Lastly, the champion and runner up from this tournament will get an exclusive metal version of their gate and gate master made with the Worlds 2023 Seal on it! This is a very unique prize!

Let’s talk tournament format.
-Best 2 out of 3
-Sideboard is a GO!
-Swiss rounds depending on participants.
-Cut to top 4, single elimination!

Bring your best decks and get ready for the tournament of the year!