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  • System Gate Worlds 2023

    Hey there Gate Masters! We are going to talk about the prizes and tournament structure for this years world tournament!

    Remember, this event will be held at Space Boat Games (1818 Broadway Ave, Mattoon IL) on May 6th. The start time is 2:00 PM.

    Firstly, all participants will receive 4 copies of the new card “Pumpkin Snail”! This card WILL BE LEGAL for the world tournament! It will also be reprinted in BT07 just in case anyone misses out on coming to the tournament.

    And here is the playmat design for the top 4 players in the tournament! You’ll get to take this home with you if you make the top 4!

    Lastly, the champion and runner up from this tournament will get an exclusive metal version of their gate and gate master made with the Worlds 2023 Seal on it! This is a very unique prize!

    Let’s talk tournament format.
    -Best 2 out of 3
    -Sideboard is a GO!
    -Swiss rounds depending on participants.
    -Cut to top 4, single elimination!

    Bring your best decks and get ready for the tournament of the year!

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