Organized Play

Speedrobo Games is proudly partnered with to bring the highest quality event and tournament management software to all of the games we work with.

Please check out for an example of what you can expect.


Store Engagement

Track, manage, and engage with the stores that carry your game. Every store that holds events for your game and stocks your products will be featured in the system’s store locator. Every game store that you work with will be given their own store account where they can create events, order promotional items, and engage with their players on a level never seen before!

Player Engagement

Players will be able to create a fully personalized account in your software. Their tournament records, elo, and reward points will be tracked automatically! Players can spend their rewards points to access promotional items directly from the website.

Event Management

Game stores and community managers will be able to create events of all shapes and sizes in the system. These events will be seen by players all around the world! Collect payments for these events, pre-register users, and perform deck checks all with in this single website. There’s never been an event system this customizable and robust for players, store owners, and game developers!

Card Database

Get a complete fully featured card data base for your game. Simply upload your design documentation and card images. The talented folks at will handle the rest! Sleep easy knowing that your game has the most intuitive card data base software backing it.

Deck Builder’s software also provides a full deck builder for all players of your game to enjoy. Players can make their own decks, keeping them private or sharing them with the world. Use this feature to perform deck checks in your events as well!

Online Play features full Tabletop Simulator integration! Anyone can click on any deck, copy the TTS code, and instantly import it into the Tabletop simulator mod for you game using’s importing tool. Use this feature to instantly gain online play for your game!

Assistance and Support

If any of this sounds interesting to you, email [email protected] to set up your free consultation today! Speedrobo games being a partner with means that you’ll always get the BEST prices by going through us. In addition, Speedrobo Games will help get your assets formatted for the system.