Zeszonian Lore

Thousands of years ago, in a star system far far away from ours, the Elder One Zantar formed the civilization of Zeszonia. The citizens of Zeszonia feed off the power of Zantar, rather than the source field of their homeworld. This blessed them with powers and wisdom without being tethered to their own planet.

As the power of the Zeszonian civilization grew, they eventually traversed space to find themselves in the Sol system. A star system with numerous viable worlds for life. At the time, the creatures of the Sol system were not developed enough to be communicated with. So the Zeszonian’s simply left teleportation temples on the planets of the Sol system. One day, planning to return and connect with the developed life of this curious star system.

Sadly, the day the Zeszonians returned was not a time of joy, but out of necessary survival. The home world of Zeszonia had fallen to the Alpha Centauri Empire. Out of desperation, the Zeszonian people used their ancient temples to send themselves to what they hoped would be safey in the Sol system. However, when they arrived, the distraught Zeszonians found that the Alpha Centauri empire already had a foot hold in Sol.

A message from the Alpha Centauri empire resonated through the Sol system. “The Zeszonian criminals cannot be trusted. If any are found, report them to your nearest Enforcment Outpost. If anyone is found harboring Zeszonian fugitives, that individual will be detained as a criminal of Alpha Centauri.”

Will you offer refuge to the Zeszonians? Or will you take the side of Alpha Centauri?

Art by:@aatsukooru