The Planets

Wondering what Planet fits you the best? Try this official quiz!

Venus: This planet is populated by sentient reptiles. Drakes, Dragons, Wyverns, and Sea Serpents make up the majority of the population. These creatures are fairly tribal, liking to stick to their own clans. Martial strength and superiority matter most of all. Might makes right on Venus.
Playstyle: Aggressive. Focused on gaining multiple Attack Phases by using Finale Units.

Uranus: Many humanoid mammals call this planet home. These creatures are highly advanced and intelligent. The culture of Uranus is built around studying and harnessing the magical energies of the universe.
Playstyle: Combo. Built around finishing off the game with card skills rather than attacks.

Neptune: Many silicon based life forms call the rainforests of this planet home. The most populous of these people are the eusocial, near microscopic, “shinobi”. These critters live in large hives and together form a single intelligence.
Playstyle: Control. Lock down your opponent by Countering their every move!

Alpha Centauri: Life exists even outside of our own planetary system. The advanced cyborgs of Alpha Centauri Proxima b have joined our union of worlds!
Playstyle: Midrange. Prepare for any situation by combining your Cyborg Dragons and Tamagear together!

Asteroid Belt: A haven for outcasts and mercenaries. Several societies have sprung up in artificial colonies built in the dense asteroid belt.
Playstyle: Flexible. Asteroid Belt cards can be used in any deck regardless of the gate!

Mercury: A hostile radioactive wasteland. The massive monsters that survive on this planet barely count as sentient life. Power and brutality are the only things that matter here.
Playstyle: Rushdown. Finish off your enemies before they can even think with blinding fast damage and massive crit!

Cyber Space: When the internet absorbed the Source Field energy of earth, a new form of life sprung forth. The NPC’s, Viruses, and Doppelgangers are the representatives of our little blue world during Gate Battles.
Playstyle: Wacky! Take a chance and live on the wild side. You’ll never know what will happen with Cyber Space.

Pluto: At the furthest edge of our solar system lies the darkest world. Filled with aristocratic vampires that have made a fortune turning their planet into the solar system’s private prison. In these criminal colonies, the condead roam.
Playstyle: Alternate Win. Finish the game not by dealing damage, but by completing other objectives.

Jupiter: The largest planet in our solar system also contains the largest life! Gigantic, passive plants called Ents rule the stormy surface of Jupiter. Punish your opponent’s aggression and grow your units over time.
Playstyle: Defense. Wall off your center by summoning the biggest units in the game!

Saturn: A strange and mysterious world with a mystic connection to earth. Powerful souls and cryptid creatures shift between these two planets. This world is also home to parasitic lifeforms that take the shape of various weapons in order to be equipped by humans.
Playstyle: Brawler. Get up close and personal with your opponent’s face and smack them around with Item combos attacks!

Mars: The sister planet to earth and long time rivals of Humanity. The surface of Mars used to be fertile, but no more. The sentient octopi of Mars are geniuses, but crave war and battle. The high level of tech on Mars has allowed for the creation of sentient A.I. called “Androids”. The wounds of the 1900’s invasion have healed, but the scars still remain. Humans still have a hard time trusting Martians despite most conflicts being resolved by Gate Battles now.
Playstyle: Threat Management. Use your overwhelming power to keep your opponent’s board in check!