BB02 Lore

In recent history, the Virgo Star system was a thriving peaceful collection of planets. All filled with life, their own citizens, and cultures.

Then, Alpha Centauri arrived.

The cybernetic invaders ravaged and colonized each of the planets in the Virgo Star System. Brutally and efficiently subjugating all who opposed them.

A small resistance movement managed to flee their home and escape the grasp of Alpha’s Enforcers. This detachment settled down on the planet Neptune and established a pirate outpost. These Virgo refugees to this day sail through space, doing what they need to do to survive.

Others from Virgo welcomed their Alpha Centauri overlords. With one prominent Dragon King selling out his planet and transforming it into a full vassal state of the Alpha Empire. Recently, this king has sent his son to “study abroad” in a new star system that Alpha Centauri has its eye on, our Solar System.

And this is where our story in BB02: Virgo Flight begins. Will you resist the control of Alpha Centauri? Or will you bow to their will to increase your personal gains?

System Gate BB02: Virgo Flight is on sale January 2nd 2024