BT09 Story: The Enforcers

Alpha Centauri is an interstellar empire that firmly believes in their own supremacy. Their goal is to corrupt, capture, and control ever habitable star system in the galaxy. The Sol System is the ultimate jack pot to them. 9 full planets. All for the taking.

The plan of Alpha Centauri was to slowly erode the defenses of the Sol System from the inside. Their disposable troops, the Cyborg Dragons, wormed their way into the culture of Sol by playing nice.

However, this was never meant to last. Once the Sol System became the refuge of both the Zeszonians and the Pirates of Virgo, the time for fun and games was over. Now the Alpha Centauri Empire has begun it’s full assault.

The Enforcers, the Alpha elite troops, have descended on Sol. The genetically engineer humans that Alpha Centauri has been raising on earth have all been given Enforcer Gate Masters. These humans were grown specifically to be used as Commanders for Alpha’s Elite forces in System Gate.

Will the Sol System defend against the full force of the Alpha Centauri? Or will it fold to their will? That is for you, the player, to decide.