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Eat Putin! Official Launch

Hello agents! We are pleased to announce that Eat Putin is officially ready TONIGHT!

Pick up your copy from the official web store on this website tonight!

There have been many an upgrade since our last update! Firstly, all of the game pieces are now 100% plastic! In addition, the game board is high quality matte finish foam board.

Please check out the new product shoots!


Promo Pack Vol 2 Launch

Hey there card folk, Speedrobo here. Giving you an update on the newest promo pack for Organized play!

This set for June is officially ready to go. Make sure you ask your Local Game Store about getting these new cards as tournament support.

Find your nearest organized play location on the System Gate Play Network!


All New Card Database!

The card database on System Gate Play Network is now LIVE! We will still keep the legacy database live on this website for the foreseeable future for those that are used to using that one.


June Events and Tournaments

Please check out all of our events and get registered for them on the System Gate Play Network!


Product Announcements and Release Schedule

Hello there everyone! I hope that you are all having a good day.

As we are about halfway through the year, I am wanting to go over the release schedule for the back half of 2023. I hope you are all as excited as we are!

Firstly, we are going to announce an all-new product that we have been wanting for quite some time! THE CHAMPION COLLECTION!!!

Champion collections are products featuring the two previous world champion decks. Ava’s Altmaha Turbo from 2022, and Kenton’s Uranus Tempo from 2023! They will be included in a battle box like product. CC01 will release on July 1st 2023.

For the rest of the year, here’s what we are looking forward to.

June: TD05 Final Eclipse

July: CC01 2022/2023

August: BT07 Little Legends

October: BT08: Decade Gold

November: TD06 Zezsonians

December: BB02: Virgo Flight

As a note, we got so many submissions for Fan Collection that we are having to split it all into multiple products! The first of which will Trial Deck 6 and Battle Box 02!!!


Rules Update

Hey there Gate Masters! Speedrobo here with a small rules update. This update won’t effect gameplay to the point that anyone will really notice. That’s why it’s so important to mention it in a blog post.

The new rule added to the battle phase is as follows: “If the turn player’s opponent has not had a turn during this game, only one attack may be declared and that attack cannot be a Link Attack.”

Extra turn are really cool and I want to be able to add more of those to the game without having negative impacts on going first and basically having no downside for doing so.

If you want to check out the rules specifically, please read the update here.


System Gate Ignition

When a lonely young man seeks out friends, he stumbles upon the game “System Gate”. For the first time, his drive to succeed is Ignited! Will he be able to break out of his shell and find a real connection?

Read the novel here and on Honey Feed.

Chapter 1

This story was written by Elfenis and illustrated by Saga.


World Champion 2023 Breakdown

Hey there! This years championship was a blast, so let’s cover the aftermath for those who couldn’t make it.

Out of our top 4 players, two were playing Uranus and two were playing Saturn! Yet, each of the decks were quite different.

In fourth place, Louise “Destroyer of Planets” Vassay playing control Uranus.

In third place, Andrew Hoch with Excalibur Turbo.

In Second Place, AVA with Clockwork Saturn.

And in first place comes Kenton Banyai with tempo Uranus!

Congrats to all of our players for a great showing! We are still working on finalizing the rankings and reward points system on the System Gate Play Network. We hope that feature will be completed soon.

In addition, we are planning to release a Battle Box featuring the 2022 Champion deck and the 2023 Champion deck. So look forward to that!

The commentated video of the top 4 matches will be going live next week!

Event News

System Gate Play Network and other Tournament News

We have spent the past week getting ready for this big upgrade and announcement and it is IN BETA!!! Please check out our new website specifically built for tournaments and powered by Cardeio.

Link to System Gate Play Network:

Please follow the above link to register your player account in the system. On this site you will be able to see all upcoming events, edit your player profile, join teams, earn rewards, see your rank, find stores that carry the game, and track your tournament progress all in one place!

The first tournament using this System will be the WORLD TOURNAMENT this SATURDAY at SPACE BOAT GAMES!!!

Players will need to register in the System Gate Play Network in order to participate in the world tournament and earn points for the current tournament season, also starting tomorrow at the World Tournament. If you cannot register your account ahead of time, you can register at the event during the tournament registration process by talking to the tournament organizer, Rhydon Vassay.

In further tournament news for World Tournament 2023, Trial Deck 05 will BE ON SALE AT THE EVENT!!! This product will be in limited quantity and purchasable AT REGISTRATION. If you want your early release copy of the deck, please show up on time for registration in order to secure your copy. THE CARDS IN TD05 ARE NOT LEGAL FOR WORLD TOURNAMENT 2023. (“Blessings of the Outcast” is legal) The cards in TD05 will be tournament legal on official release day, June 5th 2023.

At registration, all players will receive FOR FREE 4 copies of Pumpkin Snail as well as a Promo Pack #1. PUMPKIN SNAIL AND ALL CARDS IN PROMO PACK #1 ARE LEGAL FOR PLAY IN WORLD TOURNAMENT 2023!!!

To wrap up, let’s talk about upcoming features to the System Gate Play Network.

Firstly, if you are a local game store or a local leader for your System Gate community, you will be able to get registered as a tournament organizer to set up events in the system. We are also planning to integrate this with a whole sale system to make sure that LGS locations and OTS locations can get System Gate product in bulk at wholesale prices.

Secondly, we will be adding a fully featured card database that will include all cards, searchable filters, and errata/Q&A for each card.

Finally, a deck building system will be added to the Play Network for players to add, track, and showcase their tournament winning decks!

We are all very excited for the recent developments that have happened in such a short time for System Gate and are excited to share even more with you. Thanks!


System Gate Story Content

Hi there Gate Masters! I am very excited to announce two light novel projects in the works for System Gate!

The first of which is titled “System Gate Ignition”. This web novel is being written by Elfenis. This talented young author was given free reign to tell his own story using the medium of the game and so far has knocked it out of the park. The first chapter will be posting on his Honeyfeed and Speedrobo Games Website later this month.

Another author is currently taking her own spin on the source material, and I am excited to share more about her project when it’s closer to release.