Upgrade to Existing products

Attention all Gate Masters and Commanders!

We will now be including life counters in all Trial Decks and Battle boxes printed moving forward. This even extends to older products. This policy will start with product printed in APRIL 2024.

If any existing customers would like to receive a free life counter, email your receipt or proof of purchase of a previous Trial Deck or Battle Box to [email protected]


Mafia Works is LIVE

We have officially started the funding period for Mafia Works! Please check it out on Kickstarter NOW!


New Board Game

Hello there Card Folk!

I am very pleased to announce that our newest board game, Mafia Works, if finally ready to show the world.

Our kickstarter pre-launch page is now live here.

If you want to read the rules, play on TTS, or check out more information on the game you can see the official webpage!


Notice of Errata

Blue Balloon is getting an updated text before release. The above card image shows the correct Skill Text and Cost. Please be aware that there may be some cards released and accidentally put into circulation that feature the incorrect skill text. Disregard those cards and use the above text. Thank you.

You can find a complete list of all Errata cards here.


System Gate SS01 Product Reveal

Hello everyone!

Today I am here to share what the Special Set 01 (SS01) for System Gate will look like. It is a new product type that contains randomize packs while still allowing players to simply purchase one box to get all of their cards. Please watch the following video for a demonstration.

I am quite please with the shape this product has taken. We at Speedrobo Games have been putting a ton into R&D for System Gate recently. This Special Set and the new card borders are just two examples of that effort. There will be more exiting updates and upgrades to System Gate this year.

Check out the card list for SS01 on the Play Network!


Announcing Battle Box 3

Hello everyone!

We are very excited to announce that Battle Box 3, featuring Legacy’s Allure, has proceeded ahead of schedule.

It will be released February 3rd, 2024!

Check out the product page by clicking the image below

This product features the introduction of a whole new Keyword, [Steadfast]

This powerful Keyword protects your cards from being Destroyed or Returned to the hand!

This product is a continuation of the Speedrobo Games 10th Anniversary story-line, and there will be one more product that features Legacy’s Allure and continues the story!

A huge special thank you to Plutonian Shore Games LLC for making this incredible crossover happen. Check out the official Legacy’s Allure website for more details on this one of a kind War Game!


System Gate 2024 World Tournament

Get ready, System Gate players, as our World Tournament sign-ups are now live! 🥳🏆 This exciting event will take place on April 27th at Space Boat Games in Mattoon, IL! Rules for the tournament, as well as additional information and sign-ups are in the link below!

News Video

Legacy’s Allure joins System Gate!

Hi everyone, Rhydon here!

I am could not be more excited to announce that Speedrobo Games has reached an agreement with Plutonian Shore Games allowing us to create a full line of cross over product!

These products will feature the characters, art, and story of the Customizable Card Based Wargame, Legacy’s Allure!

Check out the trailer here

More information on the products as well as an official release date will follow soon.

Please check out the Legacy’s Allure website for more information on their game.

As the Owner of Speedrobo Games, I would like to give a huge personal thank you to Keith Rice for making this collaboration happen.


Promo Pack Vol 4

More great news! We are rolling out Promo Pack Vol 4. In this tournament pack set, we have included ALL NEW ZESZONIAN SUPPORT! In addition, we have re-printed 2 staple cards using the all new card borders! I hope that all players will enjoy this promo collection.

Talk to your local game store about ordering this set for events.

Dev Log News

Battle Box 02

Hello everyone! Thank you for your patience in regards to the product information for Battle Box 2. The listing is now live on the website:

This product features something pretty exciting too, OUR NEW CARD BORDER! We’ve been hard at work updating the look for System Gate and this is a massive upgrade across the board. The goal with this border was to solve some of the frequent problems and complaints with the previous one.

In addition, this product is part of the previous fan card submissions. The creators of these cards are Emil L. and Devon Harman. The rest of the fan card submissions will be released in FS02.

Now for a bit of the sad news, at this time I am not sure when FS02 will be properly released. We are experiencing some production delays on that product specifically and in the company as a whole. Speedrobo Games is currently going through some expansion and working with other creators and companies. This has resulted in some growing pains. These issues have impacted FS02 the most, and I apologize for the wait on that product.

Regardless, 2024 is going to be a very exciting year for System Gate! The overhaul of the card borders is just the start.