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Necromansters Play Network

WOAH! I told you guys more cool stuff was on the way. We now have a full organized play and deck builder website ready for y’all to enjoy.

Get on here and make an account and you’ll get to see all the cards that will be coming out with Necromansters Starter Set! Build your own decks and enjoy! Plus you can then copy the TTS code of any deck and import it directly into the TTS mod using the newly added deck import feature.

Are you a game store? Want some Necromansters action happening? Just sign up on the site and apply for an organizer application. This will let you start making events and will add you to our Game Store mailing list for promos, prizes, and more!


Preorder Promo Program

Hello Citizens of the Island!

I want everyone to know that there is now a pre-order bonus for Kryptik Atonement Wave 1 Booster Boxes.

All orders that are placed before August 1st will receive 1 Gold Border Alternate Art promo of “Abundant Feast” per booster box ordered. In addition, if your order was placed before June 24th, you will receive 2 copies of the promo card for each box ordered.

Thank you all very much for your continued support of Kryptik!




Necromansters Kickstarter. IT IS ALIVE!!!

We are live with Necromansters! I want to once again thank Caleb Nelson for being a legend to work with. This has been the project in my life that has brought me constant joy. At no point during this entire work did Necromansters or its developer bring me stress, issues, or un-rest. It is so rare for a project to go this smooth while the game itself being this good. Please check the Kickstarter over. If you like what you see considering backing it. Like I always say, not every game is for everyone but I have full unlimited faith in Necromansters. This game is going places. Support us if you want the game. Thank you all!


System Gate 2024 Champion Deck

Attention Commanders!

I am pleased to announce that this year’s champion deck is now ready for purchase. If you’re wanting to get your hands on a fully ready to play Saturn deck with a complete sideboard, now is your chance.

All cards in this deck have been updated to use the newest card border as well.

This deck will ship on July 1st 2024.

Event News

Origins Game Fair Update

Hello Gate Commanders, Necromancers, Prospectors, Citizens of the Island, Illyriad Emperors, and card folk of all games.

This is Rhydon checking to let you know that everything we are planning for Origins is now locked in and getting manufactured by us over the coming weeks. It should all be done on time. If anything is going to be late; I will update everyone right away.

Our whole team is all hands on deck for the show at this time and other efforts in other areas may be slow. Expect slow communications from us on digital efforts, event updates, gameplay changes, and more.

To all of our dear clients not joining us for Origins, I write this as well as personal communications to you to convey the delays you may see as we prepare for the big show.

Thank you all for your kind understanding in this matter.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on June 20th at Booth 619.

Rhydon Vassay
Owner of Speedrobo Games

P.S. Enjoy these spoiler cards for some of the incredible games you will find at our booth.

Hall of Fame

System Gate Choice Restriction

These two cards cannot be used in the same MAIN DECK at the same time. You cannot use your side board to put one into you main deck during a match while the other is still in your main deck.


Kryptik Organized Play Season

The new season for Atonement is live:

This season is shorter and structured similar to System Gate.

Hall of Fame News

System Gate Ban List Update

Barbarian King has been added to the ban list.

This card was already on the watch list, and due to it’s tournament performance this weekend has been added. It was one of the cards that falls into the class of “specific answer needed” which is a design philosophy we are working to move away from.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

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Necromansters Launch Trailer