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NEW Necromansters Stretch Goals

Hello again, all! Caleb Nelson here, designer and illustrator of NecroMansters.

We’re crushing it, and I do mean “we” because none of this would be possible without the help of each and every one of you backers! Expectations? Exceeded. The mood? Ecstatic. Our Stretch Goals? 2/3 met!

But now our page looks a little silly, to be honest. No new stretch goals until 50k? Feels wrong. Feels… incomplete. So let’s change that!

At $15,000…

As a thank you to our backers for helping us surpass our wildest dreams, we’ll include a new Manster card in the core set, with a kooky green Kickstarter-flavored border! Hot dog! 

maybe even… like this?? :0

This new Manster will not be locked to any team, so you could use it with Custom Cadaver OR Funeral Party Mode.

…any excuse to make a new card and I’ll take it, really. I love making art for this game!

At $20,000…

Speaking of art. Digital wallpapers! I’ll make a handful of artworks meant for putting onto your phones ‘n’ laptops and what have you. People will see the art over your shoulder and say things like “Woah, sick background! Where’s that from?” And you’ll say things like “Stop looking over my shoulder,” and “how did you get into my house,” and “It’s from NecroMansters,” etc, etc.

this horrifying new sketch of the Manster Card Gnatsuki is just one of many possibilities. I drew this as a joke earlier but now I’m realizing it might not get to be a joke anymore. Help.

I’ll also try to get together some art of some fan-favorite cards, as well… for both these wallpapers and maybe some alt-art rare cards that might show up somewhere down the line. Anything’s possible! Let me know what critters you like the most in the comments and I’ll take note.

At $25,000…

So far, there are 2 NecroMansters comics: One with Team Crafty, and one with both Team Creepy AND Team Spooky. There’s another in the works right now. Expect that one to feature Team Gloomy! …But that’s it. That’s all I really intended to make, and those 3 comics will cover most of the mechanics I wanted to feature (the three types, active and inactive slabs, and scavenging). All that being said, at 25k, I’ll be able to start work on another issue of the comic, as another little thank-you for all the support we’ve gotten! If it’s finished in time, we might even be able to squeeze it into the comics and stickers reward, but it’ll be available digitally to all the backers who helped make it possible in the first place.

And, just maybe, this new comic will prominently feature one of the new terrifying Mansters from Team Mythic! Only time will tell.

And Beyond…

That’s all we’ve got for now, but who knows? Once we reach 30k and beyond, there might be some new stretch goals that unlock!

But until then, creep it real, gang.