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System Gate: The everything update

Hello my wonderful System Gate community!

I have a lot to update everyone on now that the World Tournament 2024 AND Season 2 have officially wrapped up.

To get started, I would like to congratulate the Top 4 of System Gate Worlds 2024~!

Brandon Whittington

Chris Palacios

Ava Vassay

Kenton Banyai (2024 World Champion!)

After the tournament ended, we released a survey to get everyone’s thoughts on the event. It was super helpful and all of your feedback was really appreciated. It helped us direct the ban list, know what cards needed errata, and guide the design direction for Season 3. Some players were very happy with the Meta of the tournament and others were very not happy. That shows that we have room to improve and intent to do just that. The first step is rolling out a heavy list of bans and a sprinkle of Errata.

We will now discuss the ban list!

Lightning Shinobi, Hattori requires a ban due to how he interacts with a card in FS02. In addition, players have listed this card as an annoyance in the past. Therefore, this card will be receiving a temporary placement on the ban list. I do expect him to be taken off in the future.

Mobius is receiving his ban for identical reasons to Hattori. He’s been listed as an annoyance before and becomes far too consistent with the release of FS02. Welcome to the no-play list!

Goblin Slingshot I expect to be the most controversial pick on this list. However, I do feel it is appropriate given the feedback from the survey. The only real answer to this card is to play Bulk Up! and Bulk Up! specifically. That’s a problem. Feedback from the survey indicated that players are wanting less cards in the game that require specific counter play. Therefore we are removing the problem from the game for now.

Cold Stegosaurus was the most requested card to be banned in the survey. In addition, it played a vital role in 2 of the top 4 decks this year. That alone would be justification to ban the card, however it is also part of a bigger problem. [Steadfast] was a keyword that was meant for aggressive cards, not defensive cards. Giving it to Cold Stego was a mistake and I apologize. It is now banned from play.

Let’s move on to the Erratas!

“Radiation Blaze” from here on will only be able to be triggered twice per turn. This was another request from the survey by multiple people.

This one was pretty easy to see coming. Excalibur was the core card of the Champion deck. This is a card that’s been flexing her power over the game for quite some time. To bring her in line, she has lost her [Counter] timing.

Aurora’s Betrayal gaining a cost was another survey request and another totally legit one. This card was totally busted. Whoops! Now it’s fixed.

There will be an errata pack rolling out to game stores that request it with Excalibur and Aurora’s Betrayal in it. If you’re wanting some, please let us know by email ([email protected]). Thank you!

And with the end of the world tournament, it is also the end of the online season! The top 16 players will be contacted about their prizing via email in the near future. So stay tuned for that this summer!

There’s many more exciting announcements for System Gate and Speedrobo games coming VERY VERY soon!!!