Legacy’s Allure + System Gate

Hey card folks.

This is Rhydon Vassay.

These past 3 years of my life have been some of the best years I have ever had. For all this time, I’ve been working with an amazing man. Keith Rice. One of the best things to even happen to me was his comment on my Youtube Channel asking if I wanted to take a look at a little war game he was working on. That game was Legacy’s Allure. It’s been an irreplaceable part of my life ever since.

I want to give a huge personal and professional thank you to Keith Rice and Plutonian Shore games for allowing Legacy’s Allure to be a part of my company’s monumental 10th Anniversary celebration.

Thank you for everything.

-Rhydon Vassay, Speedrobo Games

Please go support Legacy’s Allure by checking the game out at