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What a video huh?

Huge thank you to Caleb Nelson for doing the wonderful artwork in the thumbnail for the video too!

Very excited to see everyone at Origins Game Fair for everything Speedrobo Games!

Don’t forget to pre-follow the Kickstarter for Necromansters!

We are thrilled to be working with the Kryptik company to get Atonement out to players. We will be updating all websites and social with more information about the upcoming product during the next few weeks!

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Legacy’s Allure joins System Gate!

Hi everyone, Rhydon here!

I am could not be more excited to announce that Speedrobo Games has reached an agreement with Plutonian Shore Games allowing us to create a full line of cross over product!

These products will feature the characters, art, and story of the Customizable Card Based Wargame, Legacy’s Allure!

Check out the trailer here

More information on the products as well as an official release date will follow soon.

Please check out the Legacy’s Allure website for more information on their game.

As the Owner of Speedrobo Games, I would like to give a huge personal thank you to Keith Rice for making this collaboration happen.

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System Gate BT08 Announcement

It’s been a full 10 years since I first started Speedrobo Games. It’s been an amazing ride and I’m glad to announce that this set is a celebration of how far we have come.

BT08-A & BT08-B will both feature characters from every single title Speedrobo Games has ever released. Many new illustrations and returning arts will be featured in this collection.

BT08-A: Will focus on the <<Heroes>> and their unique mechanic [Unite] which allows players to have two Units on the same space!

BT08-B will focus on the Villains. Enjoy working with the ne’er-do-wells to try and complete as many <<Master Plans>> as you can!

This is a major moment for me, so I want to thank you all for being here with me for it.

The card list will be going live on in the next few days along with many new banners and profile icons to celebrate the 10th anniversary cross over set. Pre-orders will also go live very soon.

Sincerely, Rhydon Vassay

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Flaredrake vs Brush Beast

Hey there Gate Masters! I’m here to share some more information about the upcoming product “Flaredrake vs Brush Beast”. This will be the game’s first two player starter set and is the official kick off for SEASON 2!

Think of season 2 as just that, a fresh starting point for the series. Players who have followed us through season 1 will feel rewarded for sticking with us, but new players will have a non-intimidating jumping in point!

That’s why this box is everything that two players need to learn how to play the game.

A huge thanks to Emil. L. for getting the art put together for this set, as he did the majority of the work. Our leading artist I.E. Guyer of course lent his talents for some of the returning spell cards in this box!

Now let’s talk about one of the exciting new features in Season 2. ALL NEW GATE MASTER SKILLS!

Assault and Guard are skills that add Token spell cards from outside the game to your hand! This lets you save your power move for when you really need it! Each of these spells comes with three optional effects that will let you defend or attack depending on the token you get.

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Eat Putin Dev Log #4

Today we are posting the video for the Eat Putin dev log! If you haven’t read our previous posts, this will get you up to speed. Enjoy!
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Speedrobo Source 10-20

Here is the first official news video from Speedrobo Games! If folks like it, we will do it regularly.


May Tournament Video!

Check out the newest video for System Gate! Who will win and who will fall? Find out here with our unique commentary featuring Kenton Banyai.

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System Gate Tournament Video

Check out the video commentary for the top tables of the System Gate Garage Locals hosted by Speedrobo Games and Charles Hildebrand!

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